Tuesday 20 October 2020
Repeat Every Week(s) on : Tuesday
MELT Neuro Strength

Join us every Tuesday afternoon at Namaste!

(607) 333-4778

MELT Neuro Strength is for anyone who wants to protect their joints and prevent unnecessary compensation.  Unaddressed compensation in the body (which we all have) leads to chronic low back issues, neck issues, knee issues, hip issues etc....

Learn techniques that can reactivate critical stabilizing muscles and leave you feeling more at ease in your body.

Namaste has gone above and beyond with measures to keep you safe during the COVID-19 time.  Bring your own mat and wear a mask.  Once at your mat, masks can be removed as we will observe the 6' spacing rule.  All MELT equipment will be provided and is fully sanitized for your use each time.


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