Breast Cancer Survivor

I’m a 52 year old, two time breast cancer survivor (double mastectomy with implants).   I also have Crohn’s disease, Chiari Malformation and Fibromyalgia.  In December of last year I had a cervical spine Fusion (c5,6,7) and even though I am a yoga teacher and have practiced daily for over a decade, the surgeon was surprised at how tight my neck and shoulders were during surgery.

I’ve been to pain management for trigger point injections and have tried myofacial massage.  While both those methods offered some relief, residual tightness remained.

On my way to the Intro MELT class Saturday morning I made a note on my calendar to call pain management for injections first thing Monday morning because my shoulders were in so much pain.

After taking the intro MELT class, the moment I stood up I felt immediate relief.  I actually felt like gumby!  Every muscle was relaxed, I had the best neck range of motion that I have ever had!  My shoulder stiffness was GONE!  My should pain, GONE!

I HIGHLY recommend Michelle’s classes!  I love her hands on assists.  She is an incredible teacher!

-Amani (Elmira NY)