About Me

Meet Michelle Kudva



200hr Yoga Teacher Certified – Kripalu

Level 1 Energy Medicine Yoga Certified

Leslie Kaminoff’s Yoga Anatomy

The MELT Method: Hand/Foot, Level 1, Level 2, NeuroStrength Level 1 Certified


I have always had a passion for running and staying active, but in my 20’s I started having issues with my lower back and neck. There were days I could hardly walk. I kept pursuing a healthy lifestyle, staying active and eating well, nevertheless I was experiencing a lot of pain. I turned to yoga in my 30’s hoping this new practice would resolve all of my issues. Meditation and yoga helped me immensely, and I became certified as a yoga teacher. However, even with yoga, I was still having issues with my back and neck. I was always wondering: Which pose caused it this time? What did I do wrong? Then, I found The MELT Method, a book by Sue Hitzmann, and I became a “melter”. Within a few months, my back felt completely normal, the kind of normal I felt as a kid climbing trees and doing back handsprings. With this incredible and simple practice, I am loving every minute of an active lifestyle free from pain and injury. I can’t wait to share this with you!