Wellness Investment

Join scheduled classes at various locations

Group EMYoga/MELT Classes 

Join us where we will MELT together, all melt balls will be provided for the class time only. Products will be available for purchase.  The class also includes Eden Energy Medicine combined with Yoga!

EMYoga (Eden Energy Medicine + Yoga)

Drop In’s Welcome            $18/Class

*Passes may be available for a discounted rate at certain locations.

Group MELT Method Classes

30 minute MELT Hand/Foot            $15/Class

90 minute Intro to MELT            $25/Class

Private Classes

Get MELTing

The hand and foot class is the foundation to the MELT Method, the MELT roller enables one to give more focus to problem areas enhancing the healing process.

60 minute Private MELT Hand and Foot class    $35

90 minute Private MELT Roller, MELT Hand and Foot & EMYoga                                                             $85