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MELT Method: New Way of Relieving Chronic Pain

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Energy Medicine

Eenergy Medicine

The Daily Energy Medicine Routine

The Daily Energy Routine with Mary Litchenstein

Welcome to Movement with Michelle

 Energy Medicine

Work with your bodies energy systems to move into a balanced state.  All emotions and bodily functions move toward optimal functioning.  Feel more emotionally stable and free stuck, stagnant energy to get out of pain.  


Explore the many benefits of yoga.  Feel lighter in the body, happier and energized.  Yoga also helps our meridians to open and flow with more ease.  Every asana will open various meridians and optimize organ function.

From Pranayama, asana’s and meditation, lets move together building body awareness, strength, flexibility and enhancing quality of life.

Tired of chronic pain?  Discover MELT….

Are you someone who has been living in chronic pain?

Do you feel stiffness and achiness upon rising?

Are you someone who is just wanting to improve balance and feel better?

Try MELT and see the results…

To take the first step in learning how to live a pain-free life, you can attend the MELT Hand and Foot classor a MELT Roller class. In these classes I will teach you how to address the issues in your connective tissue using a small soft ball on your hands and feet. The workshop is for all ages and fitness levels.  The roller offers Hands Off Body Work to discover the source of chronic pain and techniques to return the body to a balanced, hydrated state.

Just a ball in your hand for as little as half an hour a week can lead you to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

All equipment will be provided. You will be given information on purchasing your own MELT kit and tools to help you on your path to a pain-free lifestyle.